The hydrometer is an important instrument in a few trades.

This is the glass tube you see the Maple Syrup makers use to test the syrup for sugar content when they are making syrup. I have note syrup with a hydrometer so I am not sure how this technique works. When the color is right for me I take it off the fire. You can't sell the stuff without a license anymore so it is all personal taste. Dark, dark caramel for me please.

By the way I got the idea from one of these hardcore syrup makers and didn't see it here so I am passing it on.

The hydrometer is used by by spirit makers to judge the amount of sugar content in a mash, and to used the beginning and end readings to estimate the alcohol content. The reading is taken at the start of the ferment ( say 15%). The reading is taken at the end of the ferment, or during (say 5%) these readings are subtracted to get the estimated alcohol content of the mash (fermenting mixture) 15 - 5 = 10% alcohol - Approximately.

Hydrometers are used by seafarers to test the density of the water they are floating in. This is very important to them, as when a ship travels from fresh sea water (more dense - more buoyant) to fresh water (less dense - less buoyant) the ship will sink further into the water, changing the draft of the vessel ( the vertical distance of the ship's hull under water). The name of the game is to carry the maximum amount of cargo without going over the maximum allowable draft. So if you test the water and it is a little fresh, and you know the density of the water will be greater at the place where you have a set draft ( say a lock). You know you can load a little deep, because the ship will rise up. There are many calculations unique to every ship that must be used to figure it out. Once you know what you are doing it is easy, like everything. Mistakes can cost you your job though as penalties for going over are high (sometimes in the 6 digits) causing big losses in profit for the company. You don't want to screw up too many times.

Anyway, this is an Instructable on how to make a very sturdy case to protect this fine instrument.

A hey you can do it with old recycled copper pipe - Another contest entry. Whooo Whooo

Step 1: Collect the Parts

What you will need.

11" piece of 3/4" copper pipe.
Two 3/4" end caps.
Half a 1 1/2" thick sponge. ( or similar)
Little solder
Small torch.

Crawl under the house and locate the pipes that run the that bathroom you tore out last year. Make sure you find the right pipes and cut an 11" piece length of pipe out of a section. It might be better to get a bigger piece and fine cut it in the shop. You will have more pipe to play with later for other projects.

The end caps I picked up at the local store.

I elected to buy new sponge also as the old stuff I had was well used and I didn't want to take the chance of contamination of any food stuffs.

Others I had.
This has got to be the greatest instructable with the least amount of comments. It defies logic. The only explanation I can think of is that your instructions were so good that no questions or comments are necessary. I especially liked your description of what sailors use hydrometers for and their importance to the draft of a ship. I'm a spirit maker myself and after breaking two hydrometers in two weeks I decided I needed a case. I went with PVC over copper because I wanted a screw on cap and the cost of the various parts in copper was getting a bit high. I was also worried about the copper scratching the glass as it passed the threads although this fear was probably unfounded. I attached a pic of what I came up with. Thanks for the great instructable.
Im a plumber and was gonna recomend what you did,I would guess with the cpvc there would be less chance of it getting broken.
You mean there's another piece of kit I can make for my beer brewingadventures? Cool! Nice work.<br />
I have two, one is glass which I <em>haven't</em> broken yet - so I might have a go at this.<br/><br/>L<br/>
For less than an hours work it is well worth it. Hydrometers are not that expensive but, they seem to break when you can't get to an easy replacement.

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