Step 4: Filling and Planting

It took a lot of compost to fill the bed but everything is growing well and drainage seems to be ok even in some heavy rainstorms. The net in the picture is draped over some stakes in the bed and is to keep the possums and birds off.  The bed is a great hight for planting and picking!
<p>And no decomposing side boards to deal with, great idea.</p>
<p>Wow, what a clever idea!!! I'll have to copy this, but I'll use angle iron and weld it as a frame. Many thanks.</p>
what a great idea! I've been trying to figure out how to build a raise garden and I have about 40 12&quot;x12&quot; pavers lying around. I can totally work with idea.
Wow! and thank you. What a great idea. I've been postponing making a raised bed for several years, and this &quot;ible&quot; just inspired me to start now.
great concept. I was going to try something similar with (wonderboard). Thanks for sharing and inspiring

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