Here are the steps I took in creating my riddler cane for this Halloween.

Step 1: The Question Mark

I went to my computer and searched until I found the appropriate question mark I wanted as my cane topper. My costume this year is geared more toward the riddler played by Jim Carrey. The cane he used had the stretched question mark. The question mark I found was from Batman Forever. I took that to my photo editing program and and stretched the mark sideways just a little as his cane's mark does not match the mark from the movie art. Once it was appropriately sized I printed this off and used spray adhesive to stick this to 3/4 inch plywood. I then cut that out with my bandsaw (you could also use a jigsaw). Once the shape was cut out I used a sander to make the edges smooth because my cut was a little wobbly. I then used a router with a 1/4 inch round over bit to round the edges.
<p>pretty cool, i make it a bit different though, i might make a plague doctor version for halloween.</p>
These all look awesome. Haven't been on in a while. But I'm going to start making more things.
Great DIY. Hardest part was Def cutting out the question mark without a table saw. Side note, don't mock fight cause that question mark will break with minimal pressure. #tellthattoadrunkharleyquin
That's awesome! Yeah I had a gal at my party do the same thing. Didn't know till it was too late. But thanks for the post! It was awesome to see someone else do one.
Looks awesome man!
Awesome well done sir i didnt clear coat mine yet

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