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Print this!

This is one of two images which should be printed to serve as a template for making scabies skin scraping kits. Simply match each item to its picture on this template in order to ensure that all items are included in each kit.

What is your opinion on Morgellon's? L
Interesting topic. The research relating to this, available to date, is suspect in that the images are poor, the documentation is sparse and the numbers are limited. There is also a "crossover" body of literature that explores aspects of delusional parasitosis. I think that discussion about this entity is still evolving. I suspect that more information might be gained by reviewing medical historical literature for similar findings. All skin scrapings will most likely include synthetic or organic materials that are adherent to the skin but are scraped off, for example synthetic fibers or animal (cat) hairs. Thanks for the comment. R
Thanks for your opinion as a professional. Do I take it that you're leaning towards delusional parasitosis as opposed to something medically interesting? L
Everything is potentially interesting to an Experimental Pathologist. I would need to see biopsy material, first hand and chemical analysis of the fibers. The problem is that there are several perspectives, sparse primary data (just anecdotes) and overlap between clinical presenations. There are no microscope images of skin biopsies that show an association to skin structures. Until that is done, no one can really offer anything of than a guess. In passing, the history of medicine is full of diseases that appeared then disappeared without a trace or explanation. Thanks for your comments. Cheers
Those are the things I'd ask for too. I am of the opinion that if you set up a website with enough keywords you'd be able to attract sufferers who would gladly give you what you needed (should you have the time / resources to investigate). Is is the sort of area most professionals would rather not be involved with? L
ah, the Straights of Morgellon! he's my favorite explorer, around the world in 80 days!
<strong>I think I threw-up a little in the back of my mouth.</strong><br/><br/>Seriously, as an ex-nurse I can see the value. Good job.<br/>
Thanks for the comment and excellent quote!
Goodness me, is this our first properly-medical Instructable?
Oh, pencil shavings. I'm late for <em>everything</em>. :-(<br/>
I'm hoping to put up some basic medical laboratory procedures, like "How to made a blood smear" or How to use a polarizing lens on a microscope". The Scabies Skin scraping Instructable will be useful for any state or Government's Visiting Nurse program as well as any Nursing home or school program. In many countries with restricted economies this basic procedure can be very useful in limiting infestation in crowded communities and groups. Cheers!
Gah! Credentials!

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