This Insrtuctible show how to make a desktop icon that shuts down the computer.

Step 1: Open Shortcut Wizard

Step 2: Type the Directory

type shutdown.exe -s -t 0 and click next.

Step 3: Name the Icon

Try tricking people by making the icon the internet icon and naming it internet explorer. ENJOY!!!!!!
Nice and simple.&nbsp; However you may want to explain what the &quot;-s&quot; &quot; -t&quot; &quot; 0&quot; mean so values can be adjusted.&nbsp;<br>
-t and 0 is the time until shutdown occurs, it is 0 so therefore shutdown will occur immediately. You can therefore change the value to whatever suits your need. :)
are you using ice xp?
1 star rating, 'cause you didn't bother including the modifier descriptions, even after atombomb1945 asked for them. The rest is an above average how-to. Thanks for making it, though... not too many people realize that shutting down Windows is actually a program that runs.

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