Making a Silicone Severed Head!!!





Introduction: Making a Silicone Severed Head!!!

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In this Instructable I am making a silicone severed head of myself

Step 1: Casting a Clay Head

I started by pouring several layers of melted monster clay into a silicone mold of my head, letting them cool and harden in between. After demolding the head I resculpted it to get rid of the air bubbles and wrinkles caused by the bald cap.

Step 2: Molding

I made a two part Ultra-Cal 30 mold of the clay head.

Step 3: Casting a Silicone Head

I cast outer skin of the head using two layers of thickend platsil gel-25 and filled it with a 3 pound density flexible foam.

Step 4: Painting

I painted the head using thinned down platsil gel-10 mixed with silicone pigment.

Step 5: Adding Hair

For the back of the head, I glued down the hair in large chunks. Then I hand punched all of the hair within 1.5 inches of the hairline.

Step 6: Adding Gore

For the bone and some other details, a made hard clay pieces that I glued to the inside of the neck. Then for the fleshy bits I used pigmented platsil gel-10.



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    Holy f***! So impressive mate!

    Crazy realistic. Do you have a photo of you and the severed head side by side?

    Wow it looks so real! Where did you learn to do that?

    1 reply

    From a few different youtube videos made by "brick in the yard mold supply".

    all I can say is wow...I actually thought the head was really yours and that you photoshoped it for the intro photo. awesome work. one question is when you punch the hair in, do you glue it in there or does it stay in pretty good?

    1 reply

    Thanks! The hair stays in on it's own, there is no glue.

    Well, damn. That's incredible! You've got my vote!

    That is the most realistic prop I've seen. Bravo on your skills.