This is a fun, easy-to make weapon, and it is fun to shoot. It is great for office and school warfare.

I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for anyone or anything getting hurt from this weapons
From personal experience, this thing can hurt from 25 yards away

Have Fun!

Step 1: Preparations

--> You'll need a knife, or scissors, or something sharp to cut through a plastic pen with.
--> A classic BIC pen
--> A Cap Gun with a clear barrel
--> Some tape, i recommend using electrical, and do not recommend scotch.
--> A brain, so you don't end up hurting yourself

Step 2: Step 1

Take your cap gun, and take off the little ammo piece where you put the caps in.
-->Take your cut-off pen, wrap some tape around it, and push it in so it sits tightly in the barrel, the back end going over the hammer.

Step 3: Step 3(Optional)

Once you have made sure it is tight, you can pop a bb into it and shoot. But, it may fall out if you don't do this step, and somewhat improve the accuracy, but sometimes the bb wont shoot out.

Take a little metal ring, as shown in the picture, and tape it on the barrel. Be careful not to stop the bb from shooting, or else it wont shoot(obviously)

Step 4: HAVE FUN!!!!

This cxan be a last-resort pinch weapons for airsoft; i have been saved by this little bugger three times by now.
how fast does the bb's travel
It depends on the strength of the Cap-Gun; mine travel around...100 feet/sec? Anyway, the one I'm using has a pretty powerful spring in the hand to propel the bullet along, and you can mod your cap-gun to your needs.
great job, im trying to mod a 702s wingun so that it works like a chaingun with 10-12 shots
i have only one question where did you get your cap gun
Well, i got them at my local Minute-Mart
Wait, so it's an explosive-powered airsoft gun?
4stars cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
&nbsp;Its a ALRIGHT idea, but try and expand on it. Have you&nbsp;considered a mag? Just a upright big pen with lid on-top.&nbsp;
never had orange heads, only leamon and grape. the grape were sticky.<br /> if at a theature and they have a drinking fountan and leamons and they give you a straw and a cup fill the cup, put in 10 leamon heads and let sit. it good.
Lawlz. Might be good for a backup-backup-backup gun.<br /> Meh, I'll give you 4*<br />

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