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Introduction: Making a Simple RC Camel Robot

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1.       Prepare some of the following tools:
A 40 watt electric soldering
1 tin solder
A glue gun
1 pliers shark
A scissor plate
1 cutting pliers
A vacuum tin
etc. as shown in the picture ,Adi, Faisal and Farel we were all sitting in the 5th grade elementary school that is al-falah Darussalam Our age is 10 years old, we assemble the robot is in earnest,

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National Robotics Week Robot Contest

Step 1: Prepare Some of the Following Materials:


2 battery box contains two batteries
2 wheels for camel robot
2 7 cm long aluminum plate
2 pieces of PVC plastic 3 cm x 6 cm
2 switch small
1st place two rechargeable batteries
A dynamo plus gearbox
2 pieces of plastic wheels
2 pieces of bolts and nuts 3 cm
etc. as shown in the picture
1 RC machine plus radio controler
Two 18 cm long aluminum plate

Step 2: Making 4 Camel Robot Legs

     Make second long plate and short plate as in the picture
     Then make whole both at the poin tin accordance with the image is approximately 2cm from there
     Put the two plates of PVC to the second holder plate
     Take the battery first and then glue the back of the gearbox
     Make a camel's head using two wheels used toys and two aluminum plates
     Connect the two wires RC engine that (we take from rc car )to the batterybox

Step 3: Detail Image RC Camel Robot

Turnsakalartothe waya robot,well nowpleasemakethe robot's headturnedto the leftthenhewillturnleftaswellifweremoteto the rightthenhewillturnright
Good luck
Click here to watch the video :
or see here is...



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