Picture of Making a Sliding Hammer Chisel
found a tool i could use, but it was not up to what i needed, so i changed it. added a couple steps. And i made this tool at the Tech Shop.
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Step 1: Making a sliding chisel hammer

Picture of Making a sliding chisel hammer
Went out and got a couple crow-Bars, a Bigger crow-bar for the hammer part. cut it to size. found a nice, pipe in the back yard.  
3/4" in. and cut to size. a couple washers, to keep it from hitting your hand. Put it all together. found the other items at harbor fright. 

Step 2:

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take it to the chop saw and cut it to your specs, size, ect. than put it together, with welder, clean up your welds, paint if you like, or dip it with a rubber, or tool dip. see the first pic.

Step 3:

Picture of
 The chisel was made on the grinding wheel. not the stone one. this is the finished product.  I dub thee (Dragon Talon).

Step 4:

Picture of
another picture of finished product. the tool will be used in the gold field busting out Quartz, between rock deposits. hard to get to areas.