Picture of Making a Small Knitting Loom
This is a simple knitting loom I created out of wire for making cord cozies. A cord cozy is used by some to keep small pets from chewing on cords. I just think they look neat.
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Step 1: Materials

No pictures for this step!

What you need is:
- 2 needle nose pliers
- 16 gauge wire
- A ruler

To knit with it later you will need:
- Some yarn
- A small crochet hook

Step 2: Bending

Picture of Bending
I would suggest a length of 2 feet on the wire. The first step I guess would be to straighten out your wire as much as possible. It doesn't need to be perfect but it's easier to work with when it's straight. Start bending the first bend about an inch and a half in. It doesn't need to be exactly that length. But that's what I went with.

Next just keep bending back and forth to create a zig zag pattern. Try to keep it at even lengths as you bend.

Step 3: Create "Hook" Bends

Picture of Create
Next you want to bend little "hooks" on one of the sides. Try to keep them uniform. This works better using both pliers.

Step 4: Make it circular!

Picture of Make it  circular!
Okay, I apologize for not having a decent picture of how I did this. But it's really not that difficult. Just keep evenly bending each zig-zag in a little bit until it forms a circle. You can probably see by the pic, I also cut off some of the excess wire. When you get it all bent the way you like, cut the excess to line up with the bottom bends.

I first tried taping the two end pieces with some electrical tape, but when I started working with it the tape just got warm and wanted to slide off. It got sticky and gross, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Also, if you look at the last picture, it allows for cords to be shoved through without having to force open the loom you created.
beornica5 years ago
human pets chew cords as well. The kind that are several years old and have a lust for destruction. I will definitely make use of this one!
I have a little brother named Silas(he is cute!)he is 6 monthts old and I will make some for my dad.But for now,I just make snakes!
Mauigerbil3 years ago
you can also use a latch hook for knitting. If you use stiff cardboard, you can make one that way also
so i want to make this and try it but i dont get how to start can u help?
Pixelante_Annie (author)  chi chi chippy5 years ago
craftygreen6 years ago
THIS IS SO CUTE!!! I absolutely love it!!! Not any of of pets chew on my cords or anythings, but I am sure I will end up making one for every cord in the house. just adorable
ixetl6 years ago
The video is not working
Pixelante_Annie (author)  ixetl6 years ago
Looks like they updated there site. Not sure if this is the same video, but it should help
Nice work on the cord cover, this is definitely a 5/5 project. If you've ever purchased these from a home store or decorator source, you've most likely experienced: the lengths are never a perfect fit, the colors are the most common standardized ones and the manufacturing is shoddy. Btw awesome first Instructable (faved till further use)
canida7 years ago
Looks neat. Which pets tend to chew your cords?
Cats may chew cords also... I am on my 5th pair of headsets due to this. Thank you for the Instructable, it is going to be put to good use. I will foil the feline cord bandits.
Pixelante_Annie (author)  canida7 years ago
rabbits and chinchillas like chewing on cords. I lost my hamster once in my apartment and found her chewing on a playstation cable. =)
iq_abyss canida7 years ago
My dog did, but stopped when he got zapped a couple of times. He is still alive-that's good.
Bitsi6 years ago
Sure wish I had seen this before I went out and spent $10 on a spool knitter. What I like best about this is that you can make them in several sizes. I'm thinking that my earbuds could use a cozy like this to keep them from getting tangled in my bag. :-)
Do your cords get cold?
Pixelante_Annie (author)  Mark Rehorst7 years ago
Well, the wind chill here is -2 right now. So.. yes. =)
That is such a cool idea. And looking at the comment below, your dog got zapped? Good, he's still alive. Very good. Now he can chew on yarn, maybe you can give it a scent or something! No. He might eat it. Nevermind. :-)