This is an after-the-fact instructable as I did not take many pictures during the process.  I mainly just wanted to show off my sculpture ;)  It is a small sculpture of a dancer made from 1/4" and 1/8" diameter mild steel.

Step 1: Tools

The tools that I used to make this include: a hacksaw, metal files, a bench grinder, and a 110V MIG welder.  The MIG welder is not ideal, but it's what I had available.  A TIG welder would be much better suited to this type of work.  This instructable does not teach welding or shop safety.  Many community colleges offer welding classes and I would highly recommend this if you are interested in projects like this one.

Step 2: Concept

Here's a sketch of the concept.

Step 3: Materials

This sculpture is made with only 1/4" and 1/8" diameter mild steel rod.  The 1/8" diameter steel is used for her arms, everything else is made from the 1/4" diameter steel.  This sort of steel can be purchased at nearly any hardware store.

Step 4:

Here's the finished sculpture.  It's not as easy as it looks ;)   It took me about 4 hours
of cutting, welding, filing and grinding to reach this point.  The welds are far from perfect and a TIG welder would have been more suitable for this sort of work, but I'm relatively happy with the results.

do you think i could saulder it instead (i dont have a welder and i dont know anyone who does)
Soldering will not work .. I used steel and a Mig welder because that's what I had and it's what&nbsp; I wanted to experiment with .. but someone could probably make a similar sculpture using wooden dowels and a hot glue gun :)<br /> <br />
or you can use copper and solder
I tried this exercise. I am a electronics assembler, and I used a simple Weller soldering iron and solder, looks just as good. I have pics available on my facebook page. (By The Way, one does not have to use a Weller soldering iron, feel free to use any soldering iron.) For something different, I added 2x 5 mm LEDS and a sensor, and turned this girl into a tenpin bowler. Check it out. When she bowls a strike, her eyes flash.
scd:<br><br>she's very elegant and esthetically pleasing...<br><br>i'm sorry to turn welding talk to sex, but i like her little butt...cute<br><br>sue
Sorry welding noob here.&nbsp; What makes TIG better for this application?&nbsp; What would be different (both during the welding process and post welding process if you had gone with TIG?)<br /> <br />
TIG just offers more control of both the amoutn of heat and the amount of filler metal added.<br />
now what you should do with this is buy some spray chrome (its in a spray paint can) and it'll look even better
Thank you.&nbsp; I love little welding projects.<br />

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