This is my first instructible so I apologize for only having few pics.  I figured this had been done already.  This is a simple wasy to make a snowman with only one person. 

Step 1: Making a Cube

Basically,  I used a large appliance box (dishwasher) filled it up with snow ( the snow wasn't sticky enough to roll it in a traditional style) and than climbed in the box and stomped down the snow.  I continued the procoess of filling it up and stomping it down until I had completely filled it up with compacted snow.  Make sure you compact it near the edges otherwise you could end up with a soft spot.   I than used a box cutter to cut the box from top to bottom. 
never would have thought of this method .. I always just did the traditional rolling method. <br>This is great .. you can eliminate at least 45 minutes from the build time since you don't have to pick out all the pieces of leaves and twigs that you get when you roll your snowman .. lol

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