ESL Level: Low-Mid

This instructable is made for my Chinese ESL Low-Mid English  Middle school class.
It is the last part of a 4 part project:
1) Creating a dialogue between two people on a topic the teacher has chosen;
2) Transferring the dialogue onto a movie storyboard;
3) Creating their characters and settings for their movie; and 
4) Making the stop-motion movie using powerpoint and their phone camera.

I needed to ensure the English was at the correct level and pre-taught some key vocabulary before allowing them to begin this endeavour.  
This exercise was used as an alternative to simply creating a dialogue for two people in English.  In addition, it was used to create an opportunity for my students to not only be creative but to speak in English during group work, as well as practicing their reading and comprehension skills through this instructable.

This instructable is not only used and presented in class by the teacher, but also as a reference for the students to peruse at home.

Step 1: Getting Ready

What you will need:
  1. Your characters
  2. Your background and setting
  3. Your storyboard
  4. A digital camera or Phone camera
  5. tape
  6. Computer with Microsoft Powerpoint 2007
  7. Patience
  8. Imagination

Prepare the background of your film.
Make sure you mark where your camera will be.
You do not want your camera/phone to move.
If there are things that should not move, like a chair, in your film, use tape or glue to make them stay.

I taped my camera onto my set so that it would not move too much.

Cool project! Do you have any examples of completed videos you can post? That would be keen. Hope to see them!
Hi Mike, <br>Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. <br>Unfortunately, I'm still in the process of figuring out how to post the videos as I reside in China and it prevents me from accessing Youtube or any video upload/download site that I am aware of :(
basicly also how to make a Gif, but my problem is that there are to many shots to select and insert 1 by 1, or when i 'select all' and insert... they r completely out of order....
Hi. Essentially it's similar to making a GIF, however, I was limited to not being able to download other programs (the GIF converter) due to practical (language barriers with my students) and school policies. Also, many GIF converter programs don't allow me to easily control the time exposure of each frame.<br><br>You might want to try first ensuring your pictures are indeed in order (by file name 1, 2, 3...). <br>If that doesn't work, I do at times have this issue when I'm trying to upload videos onto my video playlist and where they get out of order. In order to solve that, I sometimes change my folder view to &quot;content&quot; so that it has all of my files in order in one column and in their appropriate order. I 'select all' and that tends to put everything in order.<br><br>hope that helps and tell me how it goes!

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