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This is a follow up on my cardboard, duct tape, and newspaper stunt dummy instructable. The dummy will work fine, but as you can tell, it's missing a head!

Here is how to make "realistic" head for free.
(Unless you need to go buy duct tape. In that case, go get it, I'll wait.)

Step 1: Get the Design

First, make a design for the shape. It will be different depending on who the dummy is for. This dummy is my stunt dummy, so the head is my shape. I made the design by taking a picture of the front and side of my head, tracing the outline on my computer, and printing it out. The grey is one layer, and the white is another. I chose to leave the white out for the side view.

If you don't feel like making one, print this one out. My head is pretty average. Measure your head with a ruler, put this picture is Publisher or something, and make the head the size of your head.

Next, cut out the design and trace it on a piece of cardboard. The cardboard shouldn't be too thick.
Awesome idea! Thank you !!!
wow nice idea i think if i used thn cardboard and oogo in a human like form i could beat it up
You kinda look like andy samburg!
Looks more like that kid from Hard times of RJ Berger
I REALLY don't want to know the possible uses for this thing...
Very Cool!!!!!!<br />
i colored mine up to give him a bloody nose, black eye, brush burn, x'ed out eyes and a stuck out tongue. plus his nose got pretty flat from too many roundhouse kicks to the face. i was thinking of adding a busted open skull with brains hanging out. i'll post pictures tomorrow morning around lunch(eastern US time.)
OMG I totally forgot! well, it's all mashed to a pulp now, because my brother kept stabbing it with a pair of scissors.
what happened to the pictures
I know how to make it look like skin. crayola model magic clay has some traits of skin that make it perfect for this. mix entire tubs of blue, yellow and red to make enough brown.use 3 tubs of white to make the brown light.
You could spray paint this and your actual dummy body chroma key green to actually put peoples' faces and looks on this.
HOLY CRAP! I JSUT SAW THIS! Did the same thing 3-4 years ago but with a glass head.. Get the head and wrap lunch cling-wrap around it. Add a couple of layers onto that. Cut off. Tape back up. Fill with newspaper. Gets a more face like feeling but i liek this too! -Amazed, Chris
hey! that's pretty clever
i should make a tutorial for the hands for the dummy
you could probably get away with using gloves, and then cutting up finger sized pieces of flexible foam and putting them in the gloves.
lol i made this but i forgot to trace and cut out a neck so its just a head but i dont plan on making the dummy i just wanted something to hold the my sunglasses with
duct tape is kinda expensive... i would use masking, or packaging tape
I got a roll of duct tape from the dollar store for... a dollar, and I didn't use close to the whole thing when I made this.
yeah i love the dollar store
me 2
nice job, what about a styrafoam head and dress it up from there.....
This is pretty cool and i made 1 and its pretty durable.
think this thing could withstand a sord blow i no i spell bad
dude you are soo kool i mean where did you come up with that nAME!!!ARMORWAXER ITS THE KOOLEST
why thank you
spell checker?
To make it look more realistic just stretch a few latex gloves over the head, cut the fingers off and apply foundation. You can also draw a face on, that way.
I have an idea for the skin, its around Halloween time right now. Go to you local costume store and pick up some liquid latex(fake skin) but before you apply it paint the head skin tone.
why dont you just trash it with your face. its easier & you just need a roll of paper tape.
you could use paper mache to make part two and then paint it
when are you gonna post parttwo?
As soon as I figure out how to make it look like skin. Any ideas?
Great idea, I hot glued cardboard triangles on the corners for support too.
You won't need supports, trust me. And don't forget the cardboard for the face!
Well done, looks just like you.
Hey, awesome now i can finish my stunt dummy creation by adding a head to it! But how to attach it??
Duh... Duct Tape!

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