Making a Stunt Dummy Head Out of Cardboard, Duct Tape, and Newspaper (Part One)





Introduction: Making a Stunt Dummy Head Out of Cardboard, Duct Tape, and Newspaper (Part One)

(Sorry for the long title!)

This is a follow up on my cardboard, duct tape, and newspaper stunt dummy instructable. The dummy will work fine, but as you can tell, it's missing a head!

Here is how to make "realistic" head for free.
(Unless you need to go buy duct tape. In that case, go get it, I'll wait.)

Step 1: Get the Design

First, make a design for the shape. It will be different depending on who the dummy is for. This dummy is my stunt dummy, so the head is my shape. I made the design by taking a picture of the front and side of my head, tracing the outline on my computer, and printing it out. The grey is one layer, and the white is another. I chose to leave the white out for the side view.

If you don't feel like making one, print this one out. My head is pretty average. Measure your head with a ruler, put this picture is Publisher or something, and make the head the size of your head.

Next, cut out the design and trace it on a piece of cardboard. The cardboard shouldn't be too thick.

Step 2: Making It "3D"

Next is to actually make it 3D.

First, cut a line into the cardboard half way from the bottom on one part, and half way from the top on the other. Then slide them together. (Look at the pictures)

Step 3: Adding the Next Layer.

Next is to add the layer that you will build the face on. This is very important.

Cut out a shape that is a little smaller than the shape of the front, and without a neck. Then do the same thing to make it 3D, but cut the line on the forehead instead of at the neck. (Pictures help)

Step 4: Filling It With Paper

This is the tricky part. Crumple up newspaper and duct tape the balls onto the cardboard. Remember what a real head looks like when doing this. I started with the middle section. This really held the cardboard together and made it solid.

Step 5: Do the Rest.

Do the same thing for the rest. Save the face for last.

I used one big ball for each side of the back of the head, and then little ones to fill the gaps. This part is really up to you, and it depends how big the paper is too. I used the New York Times, and those are big pages.

Covering up the newspaper with duct tape makes it look better. It also wastes duct tape. To what you think is right.

Step 6: The Face

This is the hardest part. The most recognizable part of the human head is the face. And if you mess that up, it will look really weird.

I started with the nose, and then the cheeks, and then the chin. You can do what you want. Try using different sizes of news paper.

Step 7: Admire Your Work!

If you've made it this far, great job! Check to make sure that it's close to the same size as your head.

As you can see with the pictures, mine was pretty close.

Next time, painting it, and attaching it to the stunt dummy's body!



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Awesome idea! Thank you !!!

wow nice idea i think if i used thn cardboard and oogo in a human like form i could beat it up

You kinda look like andy samburg!

Looks more like that kid from Hard times of RJ Berger

I REALLY don't want to know the possible uses for this thing...

i colored mine up to give him a bloody nose, black eye, brush burn, x'ed out eyes and a stuck out tongue. plus his nose got pretty flat from too many roundhouse kicks to the face. i was thinking of adding a busted open skull with brains hanging out. i'll post pictures tomorrow morning around lunch(eastern US time.)

OMG I totally forgot! well, it's all mashed to a pulp now, because my brother kept stabbing it with a pair of scissors.

I know how to make it look like skin. crayola model magic clay has some traits of skin that make it perfect for this. mix entire tubs of blue, yellow and red to make enough brown.use 3 tubs of white to make the brown light.