Picture of Making a 'Tea Cosy'
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I love hot tea, and love to use my tea pots. Keeping it warm enough to enjoy an entire potful before it gets cold can be a challenge. So, I designed a "tea cosy". Found them to be way overpriced and not very imaginative or pretty on the 'net, so I made my own design!
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Step 1: Step 1: Supplies you will need

Picture of Step 1: Supplies you will need
1. double-sided, quilted fabric, cut with pinking shears, to a rectangle that is 9½" x 22½"
2. spool of matching thread
3. 1 spool of 1" grosgrain ribbon, to match your fabric
4. 1 spool of 3/8" grosgrain ribbon, either same color as the 1" ribbon in #3 above, or something that is a nice contrast to the fabric and 1" ribbon.
5. 12" of 3/8" braided elastic.
6. sewing machine, pins, iron, ruler, hem gauge, ability to make a buttonhole or use of a buttonhole attachment on your machine.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting & preparing the pieces...

Picture of Step 2: Cutting & preparing the pieces...
-Cut your fabric into the 9½ x 22½" rectangle. ADVICE: use a pinking shear, to curtail fraying edges. Many of your edges will be exposed, and will not be turned under to finish the hem, so the pinked edge is necessary, as well as more attractive. [See photo A]
-Cut the 1" grosgrain into a piece that is 24" long. [See photo B]. Set aside. This will later be the casing for your 3/8" ribbon tie.
-Cut another piece of the 1" grosgrain, a piece that is also 24" long. [See photo B]. Set aside. This will later be ironed in-half, length-wise, to form a fold-over trim.
-Cut the 3/8" grosgrain into a piece that is 36 - 38" long.  [See photo C]. Set aside, to be used later for the tie around the neck of the tea pot.
-Cut a piece of the 3/8" braided elastic into a 12" long strip. [See photo D]. Set aside. 

Hi, this looks fantastic! I wondered what size pot this would fit, though. I am anticipating a 6-cup brown betty arrival any day now. Thanks! Your instructions are very clear!

Thank you for the lovely compliments.
I have made it to fit a teapot that is 5.5" high, from the bottom to the top of the knob on the lid. I also made one to fit a teapot that is 6" high. Both teapots are about 8" in diameter. I don't know how many cups the teapot holds ... I only know it holds approximately 30 - 32 oz. of boiling water, and my husband and I use an 11-0z. teacup. So for us, it holds almost three cups, but if you're using a smaller 6-oz cup, it would be 5 cups, or thereabouts. My teapots are the med. sized Polish Pottery teapots.
I hope this helps a bit. Sorry I can't be more specific.
sunshiine3 years ago
I love this! Thanks for sharing your hard work! Have a splendid day!
praise_song (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
You are welcome! Hope you're having a splendid and blessed day, as well! My,oh my .... I see you have 178 instructables. That's A LOT! Guess I'd better get busy, huh? ha!
Vyger3 years ago
Good job on the pictures, detailed and clear. Often people skimp on the pictures but they really help to explain and make things clear.

I don't like coffee but I do like tea. But I am not sophisticated enough to go to the effort of steeping it in a pot. I use Revers Osmosis water in a cup and microwave it until it boils with the tea bag in it. Then add honey and milk. There is an apiary a few miles from me (Honey farm) and they have the best honey. Sugar in tea just doesn't do it justice, but use honey instead and then you really have something good. What's really funny is I found I can't leave a half cup on the table because apparently the cats like it this way too. I caught one of them sneaking a slurp of it even though they know that the table is my turf and they are not allowed. I guess it was just to good to resist.
praise_song (author)  Vyger3 years ago
OH! I also meant to mention the instructable by stinkymum on "how to make a proper cup of tea"...very proper, very British. It's FUNNY, but also a well-done instructable. She would find your method of making tea quite ... uh ... well, go read her instructable. LOL!
praise_song (author)  Vyger3 years ago
Oh, so you live in YOUR cats' house, too? ha! I try and try to tell them that the table and countertops are MY turf ... they don't "get it". Ugh. Haven't caught them sipping my tea, yet - maybe they don't like the Agave nectar I use ... but they ARE very territorial about "their" king sized bed ... sometimes I get about 6" of mattress on my side ... they and hubby get the remainder. Amazing how much a 9# cat can stretch itself out, to use up the real estate!
Thank you so much for the compliments on my very first instructable! It actually made it as a "feature", and I got a "pro" membership for it! Woo-hoooo! Beginner's luck, I guess. I think the trick is to be thorough and as descriptive as possible ... and as you say, the pix really help.
Actually I have a cat collection.