Picture of Making a USB-Highlighter/Pen/Marker
I created a USB-Highlighter for the purposes of my innovation class. I wanted to make a USB-Pen at first, but it was a bit difficult given the space constraints, so I ended up with a USB-Highlighter =)

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
You would need:

- A highlighter (preferably a wide one)
- A cutting device (a hacksaw worked pretty well)
- A USB-drive (usually a USB thumbdrive, but any USB device can work)
- Filling Material, as needed
- Paint/Markers/Stickers; anything you could use to spruce up the final product
- Creativity =)

Step 2: Creating the USB-Highlighter

Picture of Creating the USB-Highlighter
Ok, this is a fairly simple procedure so I will show it all on one page

1. Remove your USB-device from its casing.

2. Approximate where on the highlighter you will need to cut through, using the USB-device as your guide. Cut at this point.

3. Insert the USB-device into the lower portion of the highlighter. You may need to wrap it in some filling material to make it fit snugly.

4. Insert the cap of the USB-device into the upper portion of the highlighter.

5. Add some aesthetics, if you so desire.

6. You're done!