I’ve always had a soft spot for Victorian jewellery. There’s something about the materials they use and the lines of the jewellery that make me feel like a true Lady while in costume. The unfortunate thing, however, is that jewellery from this era can be both stupidly expensive and hard to come by. If you’re anything like me, I would be rather anxious wearing something that has a place in history just in case I managed to break it.

To solve this predicament, I started making my own ‘inspired by’ jewellery and added my own flair. Obviously this doesn’t make them Period, but that isn’t my aim in this case. This tutorial involves some (very) basic knowledge of jewellery making and a fair bit of patience, but it’s well worth the end result.

In this tutorial, I’ve used the findings I have in my beading kit. Obviously if you’re after a different look or have allergies to certain metals or minerals, substitute the findings out for something that’s more appropriate.

Tools you will need:
- Round nose beading pliers
- Flat beading pliers
- Cutting pliers
- Beading board (Optional)

Materials you will need:
- Jump rings
- Eye pins
- Parrot clasp
- Feature piece (in this instance, a key)
- 2 smaller additions
- 2 colours of beads to suit

Step 1: Step 1 - Measure Once...

Using a piece of string or a soft tape measure, measure the base of your neck and allow enough extra string to create a curve towards your sternum. How much of a curve you add is entirely up to you, but this will determine how much material you will need. The necklace in question is designed to sit roughly 10cm (at the lowest point) from the base of the neck, including the key charm.
I love this :D Definitely will have to make something similar soon :D
I'd love to see a picture!
I'll post once I find the right beads :D
Wow! I actually have a key charm and when i saw this i thought i just can't wait to try it myself :)
Fantastic! You can basically make these out of things you have just around the house.
So fun! I love keys :) Nice color choice too!
Thank you very much :)

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