Building a skateboard isn't really that hard. In general, a skateboard
consists of three parts: the deck, the trucks and the wheels. In the video shown here, I will show you how to make the deck for a cruiser board (with no kicktail). These boards are generally used to travel small distances from point A to B.

here is the link to my video:https://youtu.be/M0b1jqCn0iw

Step 1: The Parts

I got the trucks and wheels from an old skateboard, but I will probably replace them if I'm going to ride the board more often. For the deck I used some plywood with an oak veneer.

Step 2: The Build

The build is very straight-forward. You just measure, saw and sand like
any other woodworking project. Watch the video to see the steps in detail.

Step 3: Deck Art

The creative part begins when making the deck art. You can see the
skateboard as a piece of canvas and you can paint whatever you like. I went for this ice cream design, because it works well with the shape of my board.

Step 4: Griptape

After painting, you need to add the griptape. I cut out a rectangle in
the tape and put it on my board. I painted the exposed wood green and also added my initials.

Step 5: Asembly

The only thing left to do was to add the trucks and wheels and my custom Ice Cream Cruiser Board was finished. Now go ahead and make your own!

What thickness board did you use
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