Making a Wooden Ring





Introduction: Making a Wooden Ring

Rings are great, but what if you don't either have the money to buy or the knowledge to make your own silver or gold rings. You could go with plastic, but if you really want to create something which stands out I would suggest looking at more natural materials, materials such as wood.

Let's get started!


Hardwood, such as briarwood
Softwood, birch, pine, whatever you can get hold of
Wood glue
Mineral oil, or other oil which apt for finishing wood such as linseed oil



Belt sander

Sand paper, Micro-Mesh sandpaper is optional

Now, there are many ways to skin a cat, because of that the bandsaw could be replaced with a regular wood saw and the belt sander with regular sand paper. The lathe is a bit trickier to replace, but possibly you could skip that altogether and drill out a center hole in the rink blank, and file down the outside by hand. It will take considerable time as the wood is very hard, and will likely not look as neat, but is entirely doable.

Hope you find this instructable useful, happy ring-making!



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    One of what? If there is machinery you don't have, such as a lathe for instance, there are many ways of getting access to one. There are for one quite a few instructables on how to make your own small lathe, even using a Dremel.

    On the other hand you can try to get access to a TechShop, or other similar companies with the same idea, and use their machinery. Just because you don't own something doesn't mean you don't have access to it, you'd be surprised what you may have around you if you just look.

    The metal working lathe will leave a less than smooth surface on the wood, so I suggest starting sanding with 80 or 100 grit paper. Then, go through the grits, 120, 180, 220, 280, 320, 400, 800, 1200, and on up to 8,000. I would leave it on the lathe to go through all the grits to get a uniform sheen.

    Great idea.

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    Since this is such a dense wood it's almost like working metal, the surface is definitely smooth enough to be sanded with 400 grit (which is what I used) and then worked on from there. The reason I didn't want to keep it on the lathe for the sanding was to be able to follow the grain at least somewhat during the coarser grits (600-1200), as after that, at least with micromesh, it doesn't really matter so much which way you go.

    Though, I could of course have put it back on the lathe again, but considering it took less than 10 minutes to go through the entire process of sanding I don't think it was especially important.

    Glad you like it, thank you for the comment!

    Nice work. For those without all the tools, there are other Instructables on using a drill press as a lathe that would work well for a small project like this. One could make a clamping system for a hand drill and chuck a bolt as a mandrell as well. I just need to get my garage cleared so I can set up my tools to make this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Actually, one might be better off buying the tools as opposed to the ring... Think about it.

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    What's the going rate for an engagement ring these days, two monthly salaries worth? That would buy a fair amount of tools and machinery! Much better investment, and if the respective other isn't happy with a handmade ring maybe you're better off without him/her? :P

    so wait i do t have the money to buy a ring but i have the money to buy a belt sander bandsaw and a lathe? how does that make sense?

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    You don't buy a lathe & bandsaw just to make a ring.

    You buy the tools, and you can make many rings, and much else besides. Get good enough, and others come to you to buy the rings you make...

    I don't think you read the last paragraph of the instructable there.

    Besides, there are many ways of getting access and training on machines such as these without owning them. There are companies such as Techshop which have numerous locations where you can use various wood and metal working machinery, and there are many other companies which are also working on the same idea. None of the machinery in the video are mine, for instance.

    So, I think it makes perfect sense. Thank you for your comment!

    don't * have the money...

    If i have a beauty hans , i must be to make it…