Picture of Making a ball mill
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Making a ball mill from a sewing machine motor, a broom stick and some scrap wood. there doesn't seem to be any proper ball mill instructables on the site, all drill based temporary solutions, so I figured there needed to be one.

I'm using 18mm MDF as that's what I had laying around

1 x dimmer switch

1 x sewing machine motor

1 x old computer cable

2 x connector blocks

and a bunch of screws

Step 1: Rollers

Picture of rollers
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so I cut some broom stick to 30cm long each and drilled a pilot hole in the middle at each end then put a screw in each end and cut the head off leaving about 1cm of screw poking out, this will be the axel for the rollers.

If I had of thought about it a bit more I should have used round nails but hey too late now.

On one roller I need to form a indent for the drive band of the sewing machine motor to sit, this will stop it moving up and down the roller. to do this I used my drill as a make shift lathe, and just pleased a round file on the stick until the groove was at the right depth.
rimar20002 years ago
Good work!
n1cod3mus (author)  rimar20002 years ago
thank you very much, only made it today, so havnt had a chance to run it in properly yet.