Step 3: Tips on makeing a batch game.

Picture of Tips on makeing a batch game.
"set /p name="
Lets you type something into the command prompt to make a choice.
Lets you repeat what you typed in "set /p name=".
"if %name%==yes goto {}"
"if %name%==no goto {}"
Makes the choice to go to a room where you typed "set /p name=".
This is a room.
This clears the screen.
This pauses the screen so you can hit any key to continue.
"ping localhost -n 2500 >nul"
Pauses for a fraction of a second and then moves on.
Put before each line of text.
"@echo on"
Shows the "echo" command before text.
"@echo off"
Doesn't show the "echo" command before text.