This tutorial is to make a small puppet out of beads and string.

You will need
Large beads 18 (I have used 10mm beads here)
Small beads 28 (i have used 6mm beads here)
string (for beading)
thin string or thin fishing wire for moving limbs (fishing wire works best, I have used cotton thread for this turorial so you can see where the strings go).

This is easiest to make if you have a 'volunteer hand' (ie someone who can help you by holding up the puppet while you work on it).

Step 1: Making the Head

Cut about a 30cm length of your beading string and thread through 4 large beads.

Tie a knot leaving equal lengths of string either side of the knot. (see picture)

Thread two beads on one of the ends of string and attach it to the opposite side string (see picture)
Tighten string.

Repeat with the other end of string and tie ends of string together.

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