Picture of Making a bed frame with lots of storage
Problem: I’m a Lazy Old Geek (L.O.G.) who moved back into a small modular home and inherited a single (AKA twin) bed (39” x 75”). The mattress was firm but the springs were soft, the bed was too soft, so I tried putting a board underneath. It helped but not enough. Also the modular home is small and had little storage room. To solve both problems at once, I decided to make my own bed frame. . These pictures show the results and some of my Geekiness.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

3  4’x8’ ½” particle boards       Can use MDF or plywood.
      Suggestion: if using particle board, I would advise using  ¾” lumber for the top, instead of ½” I used.

6’  1”x1/2” wood strips              Used for book case

Box #8x1” Phillips head wood screws       Not critical

Cost: August 2010, Grand Junction, Colorado is about $55.


Safety Glasses

Saw   I used an old Black & Decker circular saw. Not recommended but it got the job done.

Drill/Screwdriver   Makitas are well made, though expensive tools. The black and white one is a Makita DF030D. I didn’t have this when I made the bed frame but it’s a very nice drill/driver and so picturesque.

Step 2: Safety

Picture of Safety

An Old Japanese-American proverb say:
   In battle between whirling steel and human flesh, human cannot win.
  The best human can do is not lose.

Just ask my brother. He lost three fingers to a table saw.

Another Old Japanese-American proverb:
   A split second of NEGLECT may lead to a lifetime of REGRET

Use safety glasses when cutting. If they’ are a used pair, they’re probably pitted and scratched. But it’s better that the glasses are pitted and scratched rather than your eyes. 
Sams Club had six pair for $12.95.

When cutting wood, always be aware of where the whirling blade is in relationship to your fingers and other body part!!


rodtang4 years ago
Nice drills, Makita is the best :D
msuzuki777 (author)  rodtang4 years ago
Indeed! I have an old Makita that I still use when I need 3/8" drill.

our is also old, it was great untill the batteries whent dead :( gotta buy new ones
msuzuki777 (author)  rodtang4 years ago
Batteries are the weak link for most cordless tools. My new little Makita has Li-Ion batteries. I think/hope they will last longer.

I have a Hitachi cordless drill with two batteries that won't charge. I tried to make one good battery pack but couldn't get it to work. I decided it wasn't worth trying to get new batteries.

If you have trouble finding replacement batteries, I heard that Batteries Plus will replace rechargeables in a battery pack. Don't know how much they charge.

mintar4 years ago
Please make an instructable about the portable holder!
msuzuki777 (author)  mintar4 years ago
Here it is. LOG
msuzuki777 (author)  mintar4 years ago
If you are talking about the laptop holder, I've started writing one up. It will probably be about a week. Lazy Old Geek
You have given some good advice and made some good points on where to add support (and foot room... foot room is IMPORTANT!), material thicknesses to support body weight, and things to consider as far as portability. Funny how the older we get, the more we know that moving is a reality, as well as knowing just how much weight we want to lift. I used to move furniture regularly, but the older I get, the more I just want to move it out of my way! Thank you for some ideas in creating my "on my own again" bed.
msuzuki777 (author)  whisperonthewind4 years ago
You are so right. I use to move around full size beds relatively easily. Later, when I got my divorce, I noticed I had a hard time moving the mattress. I was also glad I'd made a similar bedframe and could tear it into smaller, lighter pieces. My current mattress, I didn't select it but I'm glad it's a single (except for the fact that my laptop has fallen off a couple of times. I also didn't want to move the mattress off so I could take better pictures for this Instructable. Of course that's partly because I'm LAZY which seems to have something to do with getting older. Thanks for the feedback and think about doing an Instructable when you create your bed. L.O.G.