Bokeh is a photographing technique of blurring the background to get interesting effects from the lights in the background. Bokeh means appearance or feel of out of focus areas of an image.  The highlights on the points of lights are usually circles or polygons depending on the blur. We can change the shapes of these highlights by building our own filters and using them over the camera lenses.

There are a lot of DIY articles describing how to make these filters with paper and tape. When I came across these articles, as an amateur trying to learn photography I tried to make the filter caps with paper securing it with tape and rubber band around the lens. But I got tired quickly with the experiments because they were not easy to use and not convenient to carry them outdoors. So I decided to build the filters using 3D printing. These plastic bokeh filters are convenient to carry around in a pouch and much easier to use. You will have them handy to use anywhere and you can have interesting shots at events like birthday parties, graduation, portraits, night life.

Step 1: What You Need

1. The right lens - in general, lens with large aperture. I used my Canon Digital Rebel T1i with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Please refer to photography articles for more details on the lenses.
2. Inkscape - SVG graphics editor
3. Alibre or your choice of software for making the 3D design.
4. Access to 3D printer
5. Christmas lights or candles or small points of lights.
Hey!!! do you have the actual file so we could download it? I have the ultimaker and would love to just print this out!
Very cool!

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