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I collect and disassemble at TechShop, all manner of things, but one of the things I've taken apart the most is hard drives, ever since the first one I got to take apart back in the 80's that was as big as a washing machine, I've been hooked. I am not sure if it is the shiny bits inside, the rare earth magnets, or the platters that can be folded and formed into fun geometric shapes.
This Instructable is to document the assembly of a lovely almost Steampunk or Electropunk style bracelet that I created from a part discovered within an outdated Cornice 8GB, I will follow this Instrucatble with some Instructables showing some of the other thins I have created using parts from this and other HDAs (Hard Drive Assembly).

Step 1: One of the HDAs I gutted for parts

Picture of One of the HDAs I gutted for parts
I fell into 3500 of these through someone I met whilst enlightening him about the Maker Faire in San Mateo.
mcshawnboy2 years ago
I volunteer doing computer recycling a few days a week for an Autism Spectrum Disorder charity/501(C)3. [If anyone's in MD it's called "The Buddy Project" carried out via Old Farm Computers of Frederick,MD that'll provide a PC & training for folks with documentation for free.] I decided to try to give back after I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome recently. They enjoy some of the upcycled & recycled jewelry I make from parts and are happy yo let me have odd bits as long as I don't use too much valuable items. I've never seen drives that small before! I too love hard drive magnets & have been told it's possible to coax them from the steel backers, but how would I get them apart w/o that extra leverage? Be careful ! I've been bit by them leaving a good cut on a finger getting caught between two magnets! I've heard of a book called "Kilobyte Couture" but haven't held a copy to see what's in it, but I understand the're resistor earrings & such. Happy crafting!
berserk3 years ago
What is a jump ring opener? Is it part of that swiss army knife? I have never seen a ring on one...
controlledwrinkles (author)  berserk3 years ago
No, the jump ring opener is not part of the knife, I found it at a local jewelery store. they're dirt cheap. Here is a video of one in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCOqz4QfaNU
Soksume3 years ago
you should try to put them into an array, if there all 8gb thats 28 terabytes.
controlledwrinkles (author)  Soksume3 years ago
Yes, that would be cool, unfortunately the pin-outs are really really small, and even getting it to connect to something is beyond my meek electronics knowledge. I can send you a few to play with if you'd like.
Very nice and I bet it could be entered still as long as its before that stroke of midnite. Worth trying cuz you did a really good job and it looks great!
susanrm3 years ago
Very neat!