Making a Bushcraft Knife for Canoeing





Introduction: Making a Bushcraft Knife for Canoeing

Hi guys, my first post on instrucables. I've made a bushcraft knife out of RWL34 stainless steel. This so that it can be used for canoeing on salt water. RWL34 is a high carbon(so good edge retention) powder steel from Sweden. I heat treat this by heating it up to 1050 degrees Celsius in a stainless steel envelope. Once the kiln is back on temperature I leave it there for 12 minutes. When I take the knife out of the oven I clamp it between two steel plates for cooling. Tempering is 2X 2 hours at 200 degrees c.

Please ask if you have anymore questions. I'l try to answer them!




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    Hi Alex, that is one impressive knife! Any dimensions on it; length over-all, length of blade, etc.?? How much would a knife (and sheath) such as this one cost?


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    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for the reply and the price of your knife.

    No worries about the timing of the reply; only half a world away!

    Best regards,


    So nice!

    This knife looks fantastic, as does the leather case. Great video too!

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    kraton case I think

    What is that belt sander?

    What is the jig used with the sander?

    What is the eyelet tool?

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    belt Sander is a locally build vsm grinder. haven't seen any other one for sale yet. the grinding jig has it's own YouTube video: google how to make an adjustable knife grinding jig for the full explanation. the eyelets jig comes from knife . hope this helps answering your questions!

    That is wonderful! It looks like a custom knife maker built it. It's awesome that you made it yourself!

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    Haha i am a custom knife maker on a hobby basis i suppose? But thank you for your comment

    Awesome project and knife CG and thank's for passing this on

    All right. I made the comment before watching the video. As I watched I realized you were not just some random guy with a dremel, lol.

    Haha, but the dremel is important XD!