Making a Cabinet With Matchboxes



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Introduction: Making a Cabinet With Matchboxes

The topic we talk about this time is DIY cabinet. The cabinet is very useful in our daily life, especially for girls. Girls have many small accessories, for example, ear rings, hairpins and so on. To make a cabinet all these things can be put away.

Step 1: pile up the matchboxes
Disassemble the matchboxes and paint them in the same color. Assemble the matchboxes with glue. Pile up four matchboxes, fixed by glue. Encase the four matchboxes with decorative paper and to be glued.

Step 2: the ending work
Stick one button to each four box, which is convenient for opening the drawer. Stick four feet for the cabinet.

DIY cabinet has been already completed. It is practical for you to put away some small stuff. How about trying to make a cabinet, and do some cleaning next?



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