I'm making some things live scary-up the office and I came across a really great model of the devil character from Legend.  The Tim Curry-Satan guy.  All I can remember is him hissing at Tom Cruise, 'Boiyyyyy...'.  

This particular model is cool because it started out as a Darth Maul bust by Adam Beamish, then Kaj Steveman took the wireframe and ran with it to create The Darkness.

Anyway, here's a guid to using laser-cut cardboard and spray paint. You can scale it however you like, I just wanted about 1 cubic foot, so I used 24x36" cardboard and our 70w Epilog Lasers.  You could also just use a desktop printer to print the plans on paper and just use an Exacto knive or jigsaw.  

Step 1: Pick a Model From the 123D Gallery.

There are sooo many great models coming out of 123D Creature - and most users are happy that you use their work. (Just attribute the original creator, it's considered polite.)  Browse through the gallery and find one that is relatively simple - not a lot of overhangs or negative space.  Also, the material thickness and scale are directly related to the resolution.  In other words, the bigger the model and the thinner the material, the better the resolution of your final piece. So, don't pick a model that would rely on the detail coming through.

I figured the two giant horns are not going to get lost, so let's do it to it.

"Every wolf suffers fleas. 'Tis easy enough to scratch!" <br />" I require the solace of the shadows and the dark of the night. Sunshine is my destroyer."
<p>SIT!!! Or stand....</p>
<p>Just got the program! Starting with a model of my head! Thanks for uploading</p>
Looks good! Thanks for the credit. :0)
Awesome! <br> <br>
How about putting a light board under it so it shines through...
I didn't even have to open this to know who it was! He scared the tar out of me as a kid!!!!! Nicely done!
Amazing! Voted! Wow! Amazing!

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