Step 3: Removing the innards!!

 First off, be careful whilst removing the disk tray and reader, if you want to repair the drive later to make a CD player or whatever, you will need to keep all the parts.

You will have to remove the tray by sliding the plastic motor mechanism either left or right until it pops out a little, then pull it out slowly and press the two clips that stop it from shooting out.

On the bottom of the drive there should be some tabs or something holding the larger circuit board with the connectors on it to the drive, be careful while you pop the board out.
There are little flat cables attached to it, carefully unplug these by wiggling the little retaining clips out.

make sure you remove them all and then unscrew the laser setup out.

if all goes according to plan the bottom board and the motor board should be left attached by a cord like in the picture.
When you put the tray back in, make sure it lines up with the little guide that sticks up.

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