These are nifty little guys for capturing small to maybe medium game in a survival situation or for those really Batman-esque moments =) You can easily make them and store them compactly for later, or improvise them on the spot. Do follow through with the instructable, there are a few things to note. I made it at TechShop!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

You'll need:
- Rope needs to be strong enough to not break for whatever it is that your trying to catch.
- Metal nuts or anything heavy with a hole through it. You can use either 2 or 3. Two is a bit easier to use and throw because they don't tangle as much, but the bola might not wrap around whatever you threw it at. Three is harder to use because it's easier to tangle, but because you can have a lighter weight on one of them (which facilitates wrapping) and there's more "arms" it wraps around your target better. Needs to be heavy enough to guide the rope your using.
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