Step 3: Recording

I use garage band as is it really simple to use.
To record a song:
Get the levels right use the softwares visual bar to monitor input levels. If it's too loud to you but not the software (in my case) i can knock the control room volume down, keeping the master up. Make sure all inputs are at correct levels. The bar in the software should peak just above the middle.

Mute any outputs that cause feedback: When podcasting I mute the monitors by not patching the mix and 2 track to the control room.

Set up panning eg. mix guitar to the left if you want etc.

Do some test recordings (to listen back patch the 2 track back to the control room)

Then record.

If you intend to overdub record drums and Bass first
Then guitar
Any other instruments


Note: For recording two channels at once (instead of one stereo), pan one channel to the left, and one to the right. Then, in software, make 2 tracks and select the desk's left channel on one and the right channel on the other.
Man, i got a macbook white too and i'd like to record something with my electronic drum using line in (the jack next to phones jack) ,but it keeps on recording with the built in mic...what can i do?