Heres a nice copper box to make, Ive used reclaimed sheet copper & copper wire.
The heart design on the top is cold enameled, which sounds posh but its epoxy resin with glitter mixed in!
To make you will need:
Small sheet of copper or brass five inch square should be plenty, about 1mm thick.
Few inches of scrap copper wire. I used old electrical wire and stripped off the plastic.
Leadfree solder & flux.
Fast set epoxy resin. Comes in two tubes.
Bit of red glitter.

Tin snips
Pencil torch or soldering iron.
Polishing kit.

Step 1: Mark Out the Copper

From thin wood or MDF, cutout a heart template the size of the base of the box. This one is 3 x 3 cm. Mark this onto the copper sheet using a sharp scribe or file. With tinsnips cut the shape from the copper, clean off with sandpaper and flattern out any bumps on a flat surface using a hammer.
Beautiful results from such a simple technique! I have to try this sometime.
Nice, I'm impressed how nice the epoxy and glitter look.
Thanks for the comment, great instructables, by the way!

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