Making a collapsible dog ramp for a houseboat

Picture of Making a collapsible dog ramp for a houseboat
I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.

 have a 18 year old dog who has trouble with stairs so I needed to build her a ramp to get in and out of my new house boat.
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Step 1: Cutting wood

Picture of Cutting wood
We started with one bog long piece of wood and cut it into 3 pieces to make a collapsible ramp.

Step 2: Hinges

Picture of Hinges
Srewing in hinges on either side so the pieces would fold.

Step 3: Latches

Picture of Latches
Installing latches so that the board would stay flat for the dog to walk on.

Step 4: Doggy ramp is ready

Picture of Doggy ramp is ready
I will staple some carpeting on it so that she has better grip to walk on. This will make my baby's life a little less painful.
rimar20001 year ago

I would see it in action.