Picture of Making a cravat
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Want a custom look for your groom and groomsmen for your wedding?  Need the right accessory for that steampunk outfit?  Make a cravat!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need from your fabric store:

1 yard fabric
scrap of interfacing
matching thread

You will need from your sewing box:
Sewing machine (or needle and lots of patience)
iron and ironing board
scissors or shears

Step 2: Buy or make a pattern

Picture of Buy or make a pattern
I used Butterick B4157 for the cutting pattern, but changed the assembly for a more formal, less costumey result.

The long "tie end" is 34" x 12".  The short "tie end" is 27" x 12".  The "collar" is 13 1/2" by 3", with a gentle curve.

For a Jabot (like a giant, floppy bow tie) make two long ends.  For a Cravat (tied with a Four-In-Hand knot,) make a long end and a short end.

Step 4: Tie end

Picture of Tie end
Fold tie end longways, right-side-together.

Pin the long edge and the slanty edge together.

Step 6: Collar

Picture of Collar
Layer fabric right-side-to-right-side and put interfacing on top. 

Pin together along long sides.

Stitch with 1/4" seam allowance. 

Step 9: Final assembly

Picture of Final assembly
Remove pins.

Insert tie end into open end of collar.  Pin in place.

Stitch close to edge.
very cool!! very helpful!