Step 7: Hilt

All that's left to do is wrap your hilt with grip tape. My sword's hilt is wrapped in durapore, while the wrench is wrapped fully in electrical tape. also, cap the end off your hilt so you can grab it if it slips.
I commend you for your ingenuity and originality. Not to toot my own horn, but I've been making boffer-style weapons for nearly a decade now and I started with wooden closet poles and 3/8" pipe insulation with spiral wrap duct tape. Now-a-days I rarely use pipe insulation and primarily only use camp pad foam. I'd like to give you a few pointers and maybe I'll make a tutorial on this site soon.
well, for one, i've stopped using zip ties so much. I now use spray adhesive, but still use this "sleeve" approach.
Good to hear that you don't use zip ties. One method that works well, but is difficult to do and tends to look a little bad is to cut a slit straight through the blade near the core and pull a strip of duct tape through, then tape it on both sides of the blade. It's really tough to do without wrinkling the tape so I don't tend to do it too often. A nicer, easier and more expensive approach is to use double stick mounting tape. The white foam kind works wonders on camp foam and pvc. Just sandwich it in like oreo filling. Don't let it go all the way to the edge and you'll be fine. <sup>_</sup><br/>

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