Making a customizable key tag using 123D Design Online

Picture of Making a customizable key tag using 123D Design Online
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I recently had to design a set of objects to distribute at a technology event, made to be easily 3D printable and customizable, ideally by people who are not very familiar with 3D design software.

One useful small item is a customizable key tag, big enough that you don't lose or forget important keys.

Given my background with consumer 3D printing, I set out to design an object that would print really fast, and would look nice.

If you want to save time and see the final result: Edit the keychain in 123D Design Online 

You can also use the gallery link:

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Step 1: Using 123D Design Online

Picture of Using 123D Design Online
I decided to use 123D Design Online from Autodesk, for three main reasons:
  1. It is easy to use - designed from scratch to do simple operations well
  2. It maintains an object "history", so any feature can be edited later - this allows for customization
  3. It runs in a browser - no need to install software or keep it updated
Starting 123D Design Online is simple, but you must be using a browser that supports WebGL (for now that means Apple's Safari, Google Chrome and recent versions of Mozilla Firefox.) If you have one of those:
  1. Go to
  2. In the Apps menu, select 123D Design
  3. If this is the first time you've used 123D Design, you'll be prompted to install a plugin
  4. You should also create an Autodesk account, or sign on with any of several social networks

Step 2: Adding geometry and joining parts

Picture of Adding geometry and joining parts
02 join solids.png
Adding some basic shapes to scene is easy - drag and drop from the parts bin on the right of the screen.

In this case, add a cylinder, make it 20mm wide and long, and 5mm high. Also add a cube, 20x20x4mm.

You should be able to drag them together, and side of the square will snap to the middle of the cylinder.

brandcompany10 months ago

This is a great online tool.

darman121 year ago
Cool project! I only have one key, so it isn't very useful to me, haha. But nice 'ible, very clear :) If you are between 13-18 yrs old, you can enter it in the Autodesk 123D Design Challenge.