Introduction: Making a Cute Wormbot

This wormbot is very cool toy which was made by my team -

I was very impressed with this idea before. All materials are so cheap and can be replaced by recyclable things. Making this cute robot is so simple too. By watching the video and some steps below, you will find out how we made it.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Get the following materials:

(1x) Cardboard

(1x) Motor (which have a spiral part at its head)

(1x) Cog (from old toys)

(2x) Toy's wheel

(1x) AA battery

(1x) Slim aluminum fragment (bear can's cover)

(1x) Scissor

(1x) Nipper

(1x) Copper bar

Tape, glue

Step 2: Make Robo's Body


Rectangle cardboard

W = wheel bar's length

L = 3x battery

Fold the cardboard

Step 3: Set Up Wheels, Battery and Motor

Picture of Set Up Wheels, Battery and Motor

Put wheels through the tiny holes on cardboard

Carve a small hole in the cog (watch video for more detail), Pass copper bar through the hole

Bend it by nipper to fix with body structure

Stick motor and battery on the Body by glue and tape

Step 4: Build a Brake

Picture of Build a Brake

Use aluminum to make 2 brakes for front wheel and back wheel

Brake will block the wheels moving backward

Step 5: Hope You Enjoy That Cute Worm !

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TáoT (author)2015-04-03

@TranB, i think you should give more clear step which help reader understand what you do

TrầnB (author)TáoT2015-04-03

Thanks for advise, I edited my post :D

AngeloMagbanua (author)2015-04-03

sorry i cant understand

TrầnB (author)AngeloMagbanua2015-04-03

which part bro?

TáoT (author)2015-04-03

Cute :)

TrầnB (author)TáoT2015-04-03


treyes4 (author)2015-04-03

I have to agree it is cute hahaha

TrầnB (author)treyes42015-04-03

Thanks :3

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