This is my first Instructable! It wasn't supposed to be, but it is now. My better one will be coming soon. This is very easy to make, and can be used in many ways. Hope you guys like it! =)

Step 1: the supplies!!!

this is all of the stuff you are going to need to make this Instructable.

2 bic pens(doesn't matter what color)


duck tape(this is the best tape to use)

this is all you need!!! simple
huh thats weird ours did not work <br>WAAAAAAAAAA <br>
It's &quot;viola&quot;, not wala. wla isn't even a word retard.
I think I prefer the straw and covering method.
no offence dude but it could use more work. It's really nothing special except that u used 2 pen barrels.
very funny!!!!
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