Many years ago I bought a RC wing-styled airplane and learned to fly it the best I could.
I never flew an RC airplane before and I don't have to tell you that my toy went really fast ... into the Guiness Book of Records with the highest crash-rate ever. It flew with high speed against everything you can imagine. Our house, the barn of the neighbours, a passing truck, many trees and, way too much, the ground.
Exit my wing.
This foamy piece of high-tec was definitely not for beginners, I learned. Or, surely not for a crash-pilot like me.
So I took a wise decision.
I decided to start my air-career with more friendly planes and I started to build my own RC flying wing.

Or better: my Yak-Proof flying wing in polyester and glass fibre! I called it the 'Mr. Bluesky project'.

This Instructable starts with the very beginning, many years ago. It will describe the process of building a mold starting from a wood model that ... you have to make also.

All you need:
- a lot of plywood
- saws, plane, sander
- a lot of epoxy
- a few sheets of glass fibre
- a lot of safety gear

Step 1: Printing the plan

I surfed a lot on the net, downloaded a lot of plans, and finally choose a 'combat wing' concept.
- print it to the size you want (I chose A0)
- print each wing-half on a piece of plywood (as thick as possible, the meaning is to profile each wing apart and assembly them at the end)
- print each cross-section (one large and one small) on a blade of steel
It may not have worked for injecting expansive foam into your mold, but you do have a beautiful mold if you wanted to make a fiberglass zagi or even a carbon fiber zagi? <br> <br>I have never seen a fiberglass or carbon fiber zagi, talk about indestructible!
Very nice aircraft, good work.
Was this inspired by the germ Horton flying wing?I know the americans had one also after ww2.
To be honest, it was inspired by the Northrop YB-49 &ldquo;Flying Wing&rdquo; - a US bomber who never made it to the battle fields. <br>Here's more: http://www.txchnologist.com/2011/gallery-the-world-that-wasn%E2%80%99t-visions-of-the-aviation-future/flying-wing <br>Actually I'm making the body, and depending it's weight (glass fibre &amp; polyester are not the lightest materials) I'll choose the type of engine (one motor or two, we'll see).

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