Me and my friend wanted to make a trebuchet, so here's what we got.

(For some reason or the other i stopped taking pictures half way through, but I'll try and explain what else I did.)

Step 1: Planning

We looked around on the internet and found some pretty heavy math involved in the building of a trebuchet (more than we liked to get into at least) and we found some plans for "desktop trebuchets" but we wanted something a bit bigger. We didnt do much planning except looking at other models and different peoples takes on how to build one, so this isn't perfect by any means, but it worked for us. Hopefully we could get some new ideas and maybe help other people get a basic idea on how to build there own trebuchet.
Love it!<br /> I want to scale it down for a school project,<br /> any suggestions?<br />
I hope you realize the frame isn't near wide enough for a bucket of weights. however you could use barbell weight disks
I never really intended to use "a bucket of weights" for this project. as you can see from my materials list and the picture in step 2, I used 2- 25 pound weights from a bench press. im not sure if thats what you meant by barbell weight disks, but they fit very well in the narrow gap provided by the frame.

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