Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first Instructable.

In this Instructable, I will show you what I did as a preparation for making a full face mask, which is shown in my second Instructable.

I participate in a lot of LARP events and these events often have the High Fantasy genre as theme. This, in turn, often means you have the chance to portray a Fantasy character that barely resembles a human. When portrayed, those who portray such a character can wear a full face mask to make the 'transformation' more complete and/or more interesting.

For myself, I also had the plan to make a full face mask. I figured I needed a solid base; I knew from experience that wearing a mask that doesn't fit, is an absolute horror. So, I went to work creating such a base; creating a head mannequin/dress form.

The goal here: the final product should be the size of your own head, or very close to it.

Step 1: Preparation - Materials & Tools

Before starting on making your head mannequin/dress form (which I'll simply refer to as 'head' from here on), you need to gather a few materials:

1. Plastic wrap. The thin, 'sticky' kind.
2. Plaster bandages. The 'water activated' kind.
3. Water. Need I say more?
4. Glue. The exact kind doesn't matter, but, it needs to be able to glue clay to polystyrene.
5. Polystyrene bust. The closer to the real size, the better.
6. Air hardening clay. And lots of it!
7. Some kind of varnish. Optional, but useful.

Tools used:
1. Craft knife. Only used in step four.
2. Scisors. To cut the plastic wrap.
Great instructable.... I can finally finish my next craft project !!! :D
Thanks a lot! Very happy to hear that :-)
wow cool thanks i will need this to make a mask when i start it
You're quite welcome :-) And thank YOU for being the first to comment!
your welcome i will post pics if i get that silicone
Good luck :-)

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