Step 1: Things You Need

1=rubber band
1=piece of tape
1= pen

Step 2:

fist take apart the whole pen only keep the body and the ink cartrige

Step 3:

next make the rubber band a 8 put the top of the 8 around the body of the pen not the bottom

Step 4:

now where the two circles of the 8 is tape that to the body off the penthe bottom 8 should be bigger than the top

Step 5:

last put the ink cartridge back in the barrel pull it back and make it meet with the rubber band as you ar holding it pull back and release have fun!!!!!
<p>Check out mine also at </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/pen-gun-15/</p>
thanks<br />
nice pen gun
<p>ya i should and i will now</p>

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