I want a phone cover cheaply so an Idea came to my mind to do it with a balloon

Step 1:

Step 2: Making the Cover

1.Blow in the balloon(as shown in figure 1)according to your phone size.

2.Put your phone on the balloon,as shown in figure 2 .

3.While pressing your phone on balloon remove the air in the balloon slowly by opening its nozzle of the balloon.As shown in figure 3.
<p>Grate work bro...... You made an awesome product and solve the problems of designed back cover and scratch prove back cover.....</p><p>Great idea</p>
thankX bro
<p>Making a cover out of &quot;unnoticed hardware&quot; is awesome!</p>
thank you.
<p>Great idea . Congratulations .</p>
ThanX :)

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