Picture of Making a removable sternum strap
So you've got a backpack with a "permanent" sternum strap?
In this instructable I'll show you how to make it removable
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Step 1: What will you need

Picture of What will you need
For this instructable you will need the following:
  • A backpack (of course)
  • A dremel or file
  • Some sand paper

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Use a thin cutting disk and cut carefully until you almost reach the strap.
Repeat for the other side.

You can use an image of a Split Sternum Bar for reference

Step 3: Remove and widen gap

Picture of Remove and widen gap
Now gently remove the sternum bar (it's still a bit hard to do that, but soon it'll be easier).
After both bars are out, use a thicker cutting disk to widen the gap.
I used a different kind of split bar for reference as seen in the pictures.

Step 4: Sanding

Picture of Sanding
Sand the imperfections and round the sharp edges a bit.

Step 5: Final result

Picture of Final result
That's it! You're ready to go!

You can use this new feature to convert from using your backpack for hiking to going to school, office, etc.
vref_guy8 months ago

Fantastic idea! I've seen this design on sternum straps and I've never thought to modify the ones I own even though they bother me on occasion. Thanks for creating this instructable.

omni96 (author)  vref_guy8 months ago

You're welcome!

Glad you enjoyed my instructable :)

CptGuapo1 year ago
So simple and so innovative! Congrats!
very clever and well documented. well done.
omni96 (author)  Edwardo Leon1 year ago
Thank you !
gare84211 year ago
Overall, does the slide feel less stiff? Can it be twisted easily?
omni96 (author)  gare84211 year ago
It seems there's no effect on all on stiffness, comparing to it before it was cut. I think the bar's slider piece (one in the middle) is taking most of the load, and since it wasn't cut, there is no change.
good done!
omni96 (author)  andrea biffi1 year ago
Thanks! :)
i wouldve cut an or filed the short stubs away tho
omni96 (author)  astral_mage1 year ago
That won't be a good idea, since the shorter stubs are stiffer and provide more stability in relation to their size.
first 1 one to comment. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. kool project!!!