Our house has very little kitchen storage, so we are forced to use every space available.  There are some existing shelves in the basement that were installed by the previous owner, but they are so deep, front to back, that when canned food, or anything else for that matter,  is stacked on them you can't see what everything is.

The existing shelves are 32" deep, far to deep to be practical for the canned food storage that we wanted to use them for.
 As you can see from the junk on the shelf to the side they aren't bad for storing bulky items.

The frame for the shelves is about 84" tall and 22" wide  that's almost 5 sq. ft. per shelf so it really has a lot of potential, but just doesn't work as is.

This project actually started with the First In First Out rack that is mounted on the end cap of the shelves. It worked great, but just didn't hold enough.

Step 1:

Me getting ready, and part of da shop.

A quick word about safety.

Power saws are sharp. They hurt really bad when you get cut. Don't put body parts near saw blades.

I know that I show my saws without guards and with guards retracted, but I have been doing this for a long time and have a true fear and respect for these tools. I have seen what they can do to the human body, it ain't pretty. I in no way advocate using power tools without proper safety guards, this is just the way I do things. You are responsible for your own actions if you use tools such as the ones portrayed here.

<p>After 4 years of wear and tear what would you do differently if anything? Doy you recommend putting some guide rails on top?</p>
This is a great idea! I have already asked our neighborhood carpenter to make an almost similar mobile storage for our basement, for rice and canned goods. He is also going to make a similar storage for non-food items in another area for laundry items. My main requirement is to maximize space and keep the items uncluttered.
<p> Neighborhood carpenter?! Wha...? </p>
This is exactly the inspiration I needed! My wife and I purchased our first home a few months back and my garage was completely bare. The kitchen doesn't have a lot in the way of storage and we don't have much for a hallway closet. I've built some shelving in the garage but planned on adding in a pantry of sorts and this will be PERFECT. I've got a great section that can have a deep shelf but just as you found, I knew it wasn't going to work well for canned goods and smaller items. Yea, it'll be awesome for big packages of paper towels and toilet paper, but that's it. This is genius. Seriously. THANK YOU!!!
Thanks for the interest in my project. I hope it works out well for you. I would like to see the finished product, if you aren't able to do an 'able I would still like to see some pics.
If there are any questions, or any way I can help just let me know.
i have a under-stair closet that i could mod this for. great idea!
If your project is in a finished living area, I'd like to see how you manage the guide rail issue, or if you even have to use guide rails. I put this together with what I had on hand so didn't spend much time considering other ways to do things.
Very nice instructable. I'll try it out.
Thank you, good luck with the mod. I'd like to see the finished product.
i like this idea
Thank you, it was an interesting project.

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