Welding is fun! But sometimes you just need a few helping hands to
hold your work while you weld. This Instructable goes over how I made
my third hands: welding fixtures.
Thanks goes out to schip666's Instructable
for giving me some basic ideas on how to fabricate my fixture.
I tried to simplify my design as well as make it versatile and capable
of clamping objects at any angle.

Things I used:

Cold Saw
Drill Press
Bench Grinder
MIG Welder
weldable steel rod
steel tubing
plate steel
nuts and bolts

and of course...
TechShop San Jose =)

Step 1: Prep the Materials

First I cut my steel tubing to roughly 1.5" segments with the Cold Saw. I made
two third hands and needed two joints for each one. Each joint needs two tube
segments, and each third hand needed two joints for a total of 8 tube segments.
I then used the drill press to cut a single hole into each tube, large enough
for the bolts to fit through.

The weldable rod I cut into two longer pieces for the main stem of each third
hand. I also used the bench grinder to put a bit of a beveled edge on the rods
so I had room to fill when welding. Then I cut four slightly shorter rods as
the adjustable arms.

Cut my steel plate to make two nice little bases.

Cut some smaller steel rod to about 2" semgents, to be used later for making
wings on the bolts.

Using the SandBlaster, I removed some of the coating on the C-clamps to make
sure I got a good connection when welding those later.
Great idea!!
wauw this is awesome. It is always so dam hard hold the pieces when welting. I use to just burn my hands trying to hold them together. <br>
To overcome the necessity to attach these to a work surface, a metal weight from a barbell set makes a nifty portable base. Various size weights can be used to determined by the size and weight of the item being supported. Simply slip the Third Hand fixture through the barbell weight and there you are. I use something similar to steady lights rigged on a pole.
What a great idea--every welder always has those moments when two hands aren't enough!
These look great, and you did a great job explaining how you made each fixture.

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