I don't know how many of you out there have a need for a good, cheap toolbox, but if you're like me you can never have enough. I tend to move my work quite a bit, since I make a lot of things at Techshop (including this toolbox!). Essentially, since Techshop is my main general workshop (as opposed to my more specialized knife workshop in my garage), I needed a way to move my projects into and out of my car and, of course, into and out of Techshop. 

I had two primary goals for this project. First, I wanted this to be a very quick project. Second, I wanted this to be an exceedingly CHEAP project as well. 

One of the great things about Techshop is that they do a great job of maintaining scrap bins for all manner of objects, objects that conceivably can be reused/recycled for other projects. So it was with this project. I didn't buy a single scrap of lumber, and managed to find every piece I needed in Techshop's scrap bins.

Since my other goal was to make this a very fast project, I wanted to test my mettle and complete the entire project without making any proper measurements. While I know that seems a bit silly to some of you, the idea was that since I only needed it to fit nicely and didn't have any specific size requirements, I wouldn't need to spend much time "measuring twice, cutting once."

Step 1: Parts/Tools List

Parts List:

Wood (preferably plyboard)
Screws (Estimate 3-4 for each side, i.e., 12-16)

Tools List: 

Mitre Saw
Table Saw
Band Saw
Push Stick
Corner Clamps
Wood Vise
Eye/Ear Protection
Dead Blow Hammer
Another idea is that you have the very basics of a drawer ;) , Nice work though!
Good Work! You should enter this in the Green Design Contest
Thanks! I will check it out!

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