Picture of Making a soft faced rubber mallet - wood working and chisels.
I love chisels and mallets......

There is something so fundamentally - I don't know how to describe it.

I like the feeling of absolutely razor sharp chisels cutting through wood.

I like the fact that I am in total control of each cut, it's direction, depth and that I can make the blade cut where I want it too, on a stroke by stroke basis.

I like the fact that it's ME carving the wood and not a machine - it's a conscious process.

I like the fact that it's generally quiet and meditative and methodical.

I like the fact that I am not using machines that are loud, powerful, fast, noisy and can go totally out of control - ever so quickly when things fail or I am directly responsible for taking dangerous, lazy, ignorant, excuse making short cuts and inadequate preparation and dilligence etc..

I like the fact that wood is an incredibly dynamic 3D medium to work with.

I like the fact that it's a very sensual and tactile process.

I like the fact that you have time to think while doing it.

And I also like soft faced rubber mallets.

Why?  - Because the "soft faced" rubber mallets have a smoother more progressive drive, than hard rubber or wooden mallets give.

They are also comparatively silent when used at 3am...

The best rubber mallets are the cheapest of the horrible ones from China. You know the ones, the handles work loose evvery five minutes, the rubber is a mix of rubber, charoal, carbon, ash, and coal tar. And the rubber is as hard as rock.