Introduction: Making a Tealight Spider

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The tea light spider is a wall mounted candle holder for tea lights.

With two combination pliers and one straight welding wire you can make a wonderful present.

A lot of variations are possible and only limited by your imagination.

About the wire: I took the cheapest wire I could find in the hardware store.
 It looks as if it has a core of iron and some copper coating. Diameter it about 0.8-1mm and length 100cm. 
You could also try this with other thick wire, but this welding wire is ideal. It is elastic to a certain degree what means it's not so soft like pure copper, and you can form nice straight parts. Just start with a thin one and then shift to thicker diameters if you like.

Step 1: Starting to Bend

Picture of Starting to Bend

If you're not living in the year 3000 and have a robot friend called Bender, then you have to do this all by yourself! But hey, don't worry, it isn't so hard.

  Take the straight welding wire, a metering rule and mark the middle of the wire. Then take the two pliers and bend the wire right in the middle, so you get a small loop on one side and two endings on the other. You can also use a small nail to get the loop real good shaped.

As you can see from the pictures I only used one small plier and my hand to bend the wire. Do it as you like.

Didn't match the middle? 
The legs are of different length? 
Well no problem, as long as it is only a few centimeters that doesn't matter. We will take care of that later.

Step 2: Forming the Head

Picture of Forming the Head

Now we start to work the spider from the loop to the legs.

Take one of the plier, hold the double wire and bend the rest with the other one.

The shape is just a rough suggestion. If your wire is much longer than mine you have to enlarge the upper and lower legs. If it is much shorter, vice versa.

Go ahead and bend it down to the cage for the tea light.

Step 3: The Cage for the Tea Light

Picture of The Cage for the Tea Light

So far, we have a rather two dimensional building. Now it is time to go 3d! 

Grip one leg in the middle of the existing cage and carefully turn the wire to the outside. Turn the second one to the other side.
Now you can already see where this is leading to. The cage for the tea light is ready. If you want you can solder the two legs together to make the whole thing more rigid. But if you bent it right you don't need to.

Step 4: Bend the Legs

Picture of Bend the Legs

Now take the legs at the lower end of the tea light cage and carefully bend them to the outside and back at the same time. This is a bit of a tricky part, because the angle is not fixed. You just have to see how much bending they need and maybe adjust it to serve your needs.
Finally bend the last centimeter of the legs down again so that it touches the ground / wall.

Step 5: Final Adjustments

Picture of Final Adjustments

So now you may have something looking like a tea light spider, but yours is buckled and the tea light nearly falls of the cage. What to do now? 

Go and find a nail in the wall. If you don't have any, plug a new one in somewhere! 

Now you have different possibilities if it doesn't fit: 

If the cage is not level, then first of all, correct this! Bend the cage in level and the upper legs in a suitable angle.
Then finish the legs.
If it doesn't work the first time. Get yourself some coffee, look at it and try it a new.
It's hard to describe and the first ones I made were also quite buckled. But once you try it you get the feeling for the length and angles. It's really easy.

Step 6: Dressing

Picture of Dressing

I don't want to provide much in this step, but leave it up to you to be creative. You could: 

- make a lamp shade
- make the cage bigger to take up a glass in which the tea light burns
- paint the tea light spider
- hang it up a window with a vacuum cup, but be careful as in case of a failure the burning candle might fall.
- hang it in the bathroom on the tiled wall with vacuum cups
- give it to your friends.

Keep in mind, that the aluminium container of a tea light might get hot when the tea light burns down! 
It's also possible that the spider might get a bit warm, but as it is quite filigree the temperatures keep in range...


Jeffer62 (author)2013-11-21

Very neat with endless possibilities. Thanks going to the hardware store now.

salchichupas (author)2011-08-13


zascecs (author)2010-05-24

Wow, neat design! If only it had 8 legs...

andyk75 (author)zascecs2010-05-25

Oh, your right! Maybe I should have called it 'a half tea light spider'.  ;-) 

zascecs (author)andyk752010-05-25

...though then the name wouldn't be quite so catchy... 

Madrigorne (author)zascecs2010-05-27


zascecs (author)Madrigorne2010-05-27

Nah, a little off... 

Ghost Wolf (author)zascecs2010-07-10


zascecs (author)Ghost Wolf2010-07-11

...apparently so... lol

Ghost Wolf (author)zascecs2010-07-11

lol? This is lol

zascecs (author)Ghost Wolf2010-07-11


Ghost Wolf (author)zascecs2010-07-11

look a little lower see my other comments :)

Madrigorne (author)zascecs2010-05-28

We could go a little german --
Dri...   Dri-der?

zascecs (author)Madrigorne2010-05-28
Hehe, maybe, it sounds like something Billy Mays could advertise.

"Billy Mays here, with the original Dri-der Tea light Spider! The best way to hold those favorite candles of yours..."

"...only $19.95 retail price, but wait! Call now, and you will get two of the amazing Dri-der Tealight Spiders for the price of one! Plus, a whole container of Oxyclean! 3 great products, a value of $80.00, but for only$19.95!" 

tom2oo9 (author)zascecs2010-05-29

I dont  think he could you know :/

He's dead.

Ghost Wolf (author)tom2oo92010-07-11

Well I would watch your mouth (or chat) because he found a new produce that hes eager to try! THE SHOTGUN

zascecs (author)tom2oo92010-05-29

...I know...

...he could have... =)

Ghost Wolf (author)zascecs2010-07-10

He could come up from the dead/grave and he could be the first pitchman/advertise zombie ever! (idea in progress still need Dr. Frankenstein to do it)

Ghost Wolf (author)Ghost Wolf2010-07-11

Billy Mays zombie! Like so

abnor (author)Madrigorne2010-05-27


Ghost Wolf (author)abnor2010-07-10


romaine (author)2010-05-30

This is called a  'FireFly', a minimalistic design bij Chris Koens, a dutchman.

gagan9897175966 (author)2010-05-27

nice cool i will try out this with 3 Cycle wheel spokes. thanks for a brilliant idea

mpohl (author)2010-05-27

Hi thanks for this, I will definitely give it a try.
I bought two some years ago at an designshop, they named them 'firefly'.
Just found them with google:

mikej_w (author)2010-05-27

I wonder if you could put loops in the lower legs an hang more spiders from the loops? I think the top wire would need to be almost horizontal to make it work. I plan to play around with this. I think it would be a nice romantic project to have a wall covered in 20 - 50 candles, but I don't think I would want to poke that many holes in the wall to hold them...

This has so much personalizing potential!

gare8421 (author)2010-05-27

 This is great design and idea!

nejo0017 (author)2010-05-27

I like!

bigme (author)2010-05-23

Did the original come from IKEA? I have two that I got from IKEA years ago, wish I had bought a hundred, be cool to light up an entire wall. Maybe I'll make up a bunch and see about lighting up that wall, would make for some nice bedroom mood lighting.

NOMNOMNOM (author)bigme2010-05-23

 maybe this is not the best idea to light up your whole wall, as it can increase fire hazard...:S

KT Gadget (author)NOMNOMNOM2010-05-23

 Can always be adjusted for the LED flicker candles, though.

Kryptonite (author)KT Gadget2010-05-26

Not quite the same...

blodefood (author)NOMNOMNOM2010-05-24

It is always a good idea not to overdo candles to avoid a fire hazard.  This design looks fairly safe as it keeps the candle at a distance from the wall.

Jaxamylyn (author)2010-05-24

Love this idea! I'm goin' home to make these tonight! Thanks!

Koosie (author)2010-05-24

Very nice!

Makes me think of modern lanterns.

Gorgus (author)2010-05-24

Ingenious in its simplicity! Well done!

ShadowJesus (author)2010-05-23

I like this. Its simple and easy; also it is a reuse for old hangers you have laying around:D

nickodemus (author)2010-05-23

Nice work!

And a good reference to Futurama :]

Smaridge01 (author)2010-05-23

This really is very cool, and way simple, which is awesome!  Great idea, and great instructable.  I'm looking forward to trying one for myself... and then another, and another...

valleycrosser (author)2010-05-23

 Maybe you could use a level to make sure the cage is level so the tealight doesn't fall out.

Kiteman (author)2010-05-23

This is great - simple and elegant itself, yet it could also be the starting point for a lot of very creative projects (personally, I would solder on a small platform for the candle, and maybe add little heat-shrink booties to stop the wall getting scratched when I light or replace the candle).

I hope anybody inspired by this adds a comment to say so, and maybe adds a photo of their own version.

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