Making a Teepee





Introduction: Making a Teepee

 Here is a picture of a native american teepee but mine looks different and I don't have any pictures because my camera is broken.

Step 1: Materials

Will need:

-6* 20 ft sticks
-2* 24 ft sticks
-canvas 20*30 ft?
-bailer twine
-small sticks
-tent pegs or more small sticks

Step 2: Set Up the Sticks

Set up like so:
Take 3 sticks (20 ft) and tie up as shown the add sticks in the gaps and tie around again.

Step 3: The Canvas

As you saw in step one cut the canvas to shape.
Then put it over the frame and attach the front with the small sticks.

Step 4: Peg It Down

Peg it down around the teepee

Step 5: Smoke Flap

Hold open the smoke flaps with the 24 ft sticks.

Step 6: Finished Teepee

There's your finished teepee.



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    look soo good

    That looks very professional! How do you get the canvas/cover up onto the top ? What does yours look like ? Pics of others are fine for reference but yours should be posted here. I think this needs more info. What do you think ? Too much info. missing FYI

    That looks very professional! What does yours look like ? Pics fo others are fine for reference but yours should be posted here. FYI